For the past three months ‘3 Minute Gaps’ became available on DVD or Blu Ray, but now you can enjoy it without ever having to leave the comfort of your own office. Purchasing it from the iTunes store also means you some unseen extras, which include ‘bonus interviews’ and ‘PSI, Clips vs. Flats’

3 Minute Gaps can be downloaded from iTunes from here

If you still want to own the film on DVD or Blu Ray, you can get it here.




I’ve been pretty busy over the past two weeks with Fort William and Leogang World Cup races, but I wanted to put up a post on the World Premiere of the film which we had in Fort William on the 2nd June this year. It’s only been two weeks since it happened but it seems like way longer. The turnout we had for the Premiere was amazing. The Nevis Centre provided us with seating for 500 people and I think everyone in the audience would agree that the venue was perfect for the occasion.

It was pretty nerve wracking standing up in front of everyone, but the introduction by Dan Atherton made it a whole lot easier. Just thinking about the journey he has had to endure over the past year was enough to make me realise how lucky he is, and we all are, to be able to ride our bikes.

To all those riders who were involved in the film, and those who helped dig, push, carry, drive, build and listen to myself and Clay over the past two years, a big thank you to all of you. It’s been great and I sincerely hope you enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed making it.






In the build up to the release of  “3 MINUTE GAPS'” we have been working on some behind the scenes videos to show the thoughts, ideas and work that goes into each and every rider section. The riders in this project are committed to making their sections look as good as they possibly can be, and without their input, digging and riding skill, the filming simply wouldn’t happen. Sit back and enjoy these videos which give an little behind the scenes look at the making of  the rider sections of “3 MINUTE GAPS”.

Dan Atherton 3 MINUTE GAPS Behind The Scenes Webisode.

Here it is. The Official “3 MINUTE GAPS” trailer for all to see. SO SICK!







At the beginning of 2009, after years of working on separate projects John Lawlor and Clay Porter began a two-year project entitled “3 MINUTE GAPS”. This performance based documentary will follow the World Cup circuit during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, showing the sports top racers both at home and at the races. The documentary will give an extraordinary insight into the lives of those who risk everything to be the best. The film will premiere at the first World Cup race in Pietermaritzburg in April of 2011.

The website went live on the 8th March and can be found here